Course Information


for AAS Nuclear Medicine Department

Nuclear Medicine - Orientation (NM 100)


Fundamentals of Nuclear Medicine Technology (NM 110)


This course will provide the student with an introdution to the department of Nuclear Medicine Technology. Nuclear Medicine Department procedures will be reviewed. The student will be given instruction on basic patient care skills, EKG, venipuncture and starting IV's, which includes both classroom instruction and clinical practice. The application of radiation safety in the Nuclear Medicine Department will be presented. Routine patient care will be reviewed with competency required. Emergency procedures for the Nuclear Medicine Department will be presented. The studen twill review and demonstrate competency in the following content areas to be successful in more advanced courses: Anatomy and Physiology, basic mathematic applications, Chemistry, and Basic Computer information. The policies and procedures of the School of Nuclear Medicine Technology, including the student handbook, will be distributed and the student will be held responsible for abiding by the policies.

Nuclear Medicine Procedures I (NM 140)


The student will study all aspects of nuclear imaging related to skeletal, cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, endocrine, nervous, and hematopoietic systems, as well as therapy procedures, oncology imaging and infection imaging procedures. The procedures, protocols, instrumentation and radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine imaging of these systems will be studied in detail. Pathologic conditions imaged in Nuclear Medicine will be presented. In addition, the basics of PET imaging and hybrid imaging will be studied.

Nuclear Medicine Procedures II (NM 170)


This course is a continuation of Nuclear Medicine Procedures I. More information on positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to include oncology, neurology, and cardiology PET imaging will be provided. Acquisition procedures, radiopharmaceuticals, standard uptake values and other quantitative data related to PET imaging will also be covered. Information on new research in the field of Nuclear Medicine Technology will be discussed. Hybrid imaging techniques will be discussed to include PET/CT. Pediatric imaging and imaging considerations for elderly patients will be covered in detail during this course. Students will be writing papers in APA format and presenting information on pathologic conditions related to Nuclear Medicine Technology and procedures in the field of Nuclear Medicine, PET and Molecular Imaging. Students will also complete pathology case reviews related to Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Nuclear Procedures II (NM 171)


Nuclear Medicine Procedures III (NM 200)


Nuclear Medicine Procedures IV (NM 230)


Scheduling and clerical issues specific to nuclear medicine will be reviewed. Quality Assurance pocedures will be demonstrated with rationale provided. The budgeting and purchasing procedures will be discussed. Regulating agencies and requirements for compliance will be studied. A discussion of good public relations with rationale will be included. The managed care environment will also be studied. This course will also provide a brief overview of management styles, types of management and marketing of nuclear medicine. A review of HIPAA and radiation safety requirements will be given. This course will cover an overview of emerging technologies, such as optical imaging and bioluminescence. In addition, factors affecting the future of healthcare will be reviewed. This course will also review ethical and legal considerations for Nuclear Medicine Technologists.