Course Information

for Mammography Department


Patient Care in Mammography (MAM 300)


 This course will address patient assessment, communication, and education in mammography. Breast examination, taking medical history, identifying risk factors, and effective documentation will be studied in detail. Staging of breast cancer and treatment options will be explored.

Image Production in Mammography (MAM 310)


 This course will provide an in depth study of mammography equipment operation and quality assurance. Mammography tube design, radiographic exposure factors, and ancillary equipment will be analyzed to determine their effect on image production. Digital acquisition, display, and informatics in mammography will be included. Quality assurance and the US Mammography Quality Standards Act will be studied.

Anatomy , Physiology, and Pathology of the Breast (MAM 320)


 This course will provide an in depth study of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the breast. Internal anatomy, external anatomy, histology, and cytology of the breast will by studied. The physiology of the breast will be investigated to include vascular circulation, lymphatic drainage, hormone fluctuation, and lactation. Discussion of benign, malignant, and high-risk conditions and their appearance in mammography will be included.

Mammography Procedures (MAM 330)


This course will include Mammographic positioning related to routine screening as well as diagnostic testing of the breasts. Special patient situations such as anatomical deformities, augmentation, and post-surgical alterations of the breast will also be evaluated. Additional interventional and imaging modalities of the breast will be included in this course. Pre-reqs: MAM 300, MAM 310

Mammography Clinical Practicum (MAM 340)


The purpose of clinical practicum is to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in the program.  Evaluation of the student’s mammographic technique and patient rapport are included.  Students will work one-on-one with a mammographer at designated clinical settings.  The student will begin in the observation phase, move to more hands-on positioning, and demonstrate the independent performance of exams throughout the course.  The student will complete all the necessary clinical experience requirements to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) post-primary examination in mammography. Pre-req: MAM 320 and Pre-req or Co-req: MAM 330