Pharmacology (NUR 210)

Course Memo

This course will provide review of pharmacology from a holistic nursing perspective, involving a thorough study of medications and their actions. The ethical/legal implications of medication administration and cultural considerations essential for considerate pharmacological nursing practice will also be explored. Students will apply their understanding of the principles of pharmaco-kinetics and pharmaco-dynamics to medications and the patho-physiological processes for which they are used. The concepts related to safe, effective medication administration across the lifespan will be emphasized, including the seven rights of medication administration, medication-to-medication interactions, contraindications/precautions, and the rapid identification of adverse reactions. Emphasis will be placed on the appropriate nursing assessment and interventions required to maximize the therapeutic effect of pharmaceuticals, and promote patient safety in medication administration. Students will research and apply current nursing pharmacology literature to build a foundation for safe practice.

Course Section Description

On campus for exams 10/20, 12/1, and 12/8 9-11:30 am