Computed Tomography Procedures (CT 125)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Computed Tomography Procedures

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
CT 100 Multiplanar Anatomy Credits: 3 Crs Type: OL

Course Memo

This course in CT procedures will include instruction on positioning the patient, setting up a scout view, and setting up the equipment to include slice thickness, pitch, rotation factors and other technical aspects of acquisition set up. When and how contrast is used to acquire the study and what dose will be used will be discussed. The various types of reconstruction for CT images will be taught. In addition, special CT procedures such as CTA and biopsies will be included. Lastly, pathology assignments will be included to familiarize the student with normal CT images and those with pathologies, both acute and chronic.

Course Section Description

In Class 8/31/17 4:30-6:30.