NM/CT Clinical Practicum IV (NM 270)


Course Description Credits Course Type Code
NM 205 Clinical Practicum III Credits: 4 Crs Type: PR


Course Description Credits Course Type Code
NM 231 Nuclear Medicine Procedures IV 2 R

Course Memo

NM 270 is a continuation of NM 205. This course is a combination of CT and NM clinical practice for the Nuclear Medicine Technology student. Clinical practicum will be used to acquaint students with the clinical environment and the Computed Tomography equipment in that environment. In all phases of the practicum students will perform CT examinations. At first, these examinations will be performed under direct supervision. As the students progress through the practicum and gain experience, supervision will be limited, providing the student has passed the appropriate progress checks. Students will begin to observe,and then perform the variety and volume of studies required to apply to take the ARRT CT certification examinations. All the studies required to take the ARRT CT certification exam and the appropriate number of clinical hours as outlined in the syllabus must be completed to successfully complete this course. Students having remaining medicine competencies to complete, must complete them in this semester. Student will gain additional practice thoughout the course to enhance the sutdent's clinical skills and reinforce academic material in nuclear medicine and PET procedures. The student will perform the final competencies required to graduate from the Nuclear Medicine program. Students will gain efficiency in functioning as part of the Nuclear Medicine department while being supervised as outlined in the student handbook.

Course Section Description

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